Welcome to My Home

Welcome to my home! My house is something I’m so thankful for! Since I was little I had always dreamed of owning my own home and decorating it! When we first got married we rented a cute little house. It was the first home we brought our first baby into. We made lots of sweet memories in that house but we knew we would outgrow it and we wanted to own. We knew one day we would want to build our first home and we did just that! It’s nothing fancy but we LOVE it! We have lived here for almost 5 years in August! Time has flown by! We plan to move within the next year or 2 and either build again or purchase a bigger one with more yard and BIG kitchen!! I want an ALL white kitchen so bad!

I hope you love and enjoy seeing inside my house!


Dining Room

First room in the house is the dining room! I never thought we would use it much but we actually use it ALL the time! Now that we are a family of 6 we have too. lol Eating dinner together at the table is my favorite. This table  along with the other couch, loveseat, recliner, end tables, and coffee table in my home was purchase from a local store in my town called Gambles Home Furnishings

Eat Sign
Flower Picture
Green balls on table
Similar Table
Similar Basket
Curtains will post as soon as I can get the link to work
Wall color Sherwin Williams- Urban Bronze #7048

Clock was purchased at Currently Chic Boutique. They custom made the clock for me! I absolutely LOVE it! Please check their page out!


TV Stand– I love this salt oak tv stand. I want something that wasn’t overly expensive but would work with the theme I was going for. I would love to have some with barn doors but this one is EXTREMELY sturdy! It’s great quality. They have different sizes also!

Tabacco Basket– You can purchase these from different stores and in different sizes. They also have some smaller ones that you can use on tables that are really cute! They are so pretty on the fireplace but I couldn’t put there because of our plugs for the tv.

Gather Metal Sign– On sale right now for 50% off!!

Arched Mirror– The mirror I have I got at Home Goods but its been awhile so the one I linked is another similar options!

Magnolia Wreath– I have wanted this for so long but was to cheap to pay that much. lol I decided what the heck and purchased this while it was on sale. Hurry and grab it while its 50% off!!



These lamps were the first thing that I purchased when I decided to transition into the modern semi farmhouse theme! You would never believe where I purchased them…..WAL-MART!!! They are such a great price! You can choose any lampshades but these are the ones I went with. All of the greenery on the tables are from

I love blankets. I can’t hardly lay on the couch or bed without something across me. I recently purchased this distressed white leaning ladder.