Weight Loss Journey

IMG_2065I have had so many questions about what I do to maintain my weight or how I’ve managed to loose my weigh after having 3 kids so I thought I’d share my story with you. If you know me you know that I’ve been pregnant back to back. I had my 2nd baby April 2016 and then was pregnant again before he turned a year old. No it wasn’t planned but it was God’s plan. I had just now started to feel back to normal and down to my pre pregnancy weight. I gained almost 70 pounds during each of my pregnancies. My last baby was born December of 2017. I had NEVER had trouble dropping my baby weight but this 3rd baby was a STRUGGLE! I ate nothing but chicken and veggies. I ate so healthy…..still nothing. I finally just gave up trying bc I was miserable not eating the things that I loved.


Apple Cider Vinegar Pills 

I heard that Apple Cider Vinegar was healthy for you and could help with weightloss. I was so desperate that I would try anything. Well I couldn’t even make it through the first cup. lol It was DISGUSTING!!! I then came across these apple cider vinegar pills on Amazon and thought I’d give them a try! I started taking them daily and felt better than ever! I could tell I wasn’t as hungry and my hair and nails started growing. BEST part is that they didn’t have a taste to me!!!! Winner!!!

I wasn’t as hungry which helped me to cut back on my portions. I wasn’t eating as much and my stomach started to shrink. I then became full faster. I was still able to eat what I want and enjoy the things I loved the eat. I did cut back on my sugar in take. I take one pill every morning. I eat bigger at lunch and eat smaller meals at supper time. I try not to eat late either. I have been taking these for about 5 months so it didn’t happen over night!

DO NOT expect to take these and just drop the weight. You will still have to change your diet some. I do not work out. But if you do thats even better! Remember everyone is different. Not every diet will work for everyone. I’m just sharing what has worked for me! Just read the reviews! I have had lots of followers who have loved these!!


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